Xcite cards

Xcite cards - digital entertainment prepaid gift cards with attached promotional contest

Xcite Cards

Xcite cards are digital video game entertainment with built-in customer incentive. Xcite card evolve the Pre-Paid game card model 

Customers purchase Pre-Paid game card for online &/or mobile games then WIN prizes through attached promotional contest

New for your business

  • Sell an innovative new product
  • Earn MUCH higher margins than competitive products
  • Distinguish your products from the competitors!
  • Own retail excitement


  • Consumer safety – Online and mobile video game purchases without the security issues of using credit cards online
  • Consumer accessibility – Xcite cards enable consumers without credit cards to enjoy mobile and online entertainment
  • Exceptional retailer margin – gross margin starting at 42%
  • Exceptional customer value – double entertainment with ever expanding portfolio of games
  • No age restrictions on sale
  • MSRP $1-$10 Price points 
  • Optional Dedicated / White-label – larger retailers can have a suite of exclusive products, distinguishing their brand or market*

The global market for prepaid cards is projected to reach US$3.1 trillion by 2022

  • All our prepaid game cards provide a code for in-game currency redemption 
  • Each order will contain multiple game cards, each targeted toward specific demographics, for example:
    • Social Casino games target traditional gambling / Casino customers (60% are aged 36-70) 
    • “Standard” mobile video games target the general mobile gaming market (72% of all mobile gamers are aged 18+, with 29% 18-35) 
    • 92% of all gamers play on mobile
    • Females are 79% more likely to make purchases in mobile games

Xcite Cards come in a variety of physical forms and styles to address your retail needs.

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