Ingenuity is not just our name, but our mission statement.  Our business is founded on the principals that world class is our minimum level of delivery and innovation is how business is done, today and every day.

The programs we deliver for our customers are custom designed with the business objectives at the core.  We apply our unique design process to develop truly engaging customer experiences that shape the market and inspire long term customer relationships.

We add to this our, in-house developed, core technology suite which enables to quickly bring leading edge technical solutions to market.  Applying leading edge or next generation technical solutions allows us to deliver advanced mobile entertainment features that are simply beyond our competitors ability to deliver.  Some examples of technology we can bring to a solution are:

  • Touchless geo-targeting – geo-targeted engagement that does not require traditional “invasive” solutions, like requiring sensitive user Personally Identifying Information (PII)
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR)- digitally transforming existing environments without physical changes to your facilities
  • Customized venue experiences – traditional digital or AR/VR experiences that we can use to create unique digital experiences for consumers based on specific criteria, like which of your properties they happen to be in

Finally we build and deliver our services completely turn-key, managing all aspects of complex multi-channel services so our customers can focus on simply doing what they do best.  Providing valuable customer products and services.

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Intelligent design

Everything we do is designed to enable industry leading consumer engagement, starting from how consumers live today and reimagining how businesses can interact with them.

By blending existing consumer technology with our innovative approach and systems we can create trends that distinguish your business not just regionally, but on the global stage.

Separating from the crowd

The problem that plagues every business in every market is:

“How do I make my business stand out?”

The purpose of marketing is to help you solve that problem.  The irony is the vast majority of marketing firms chase industry trends, leaving you with a brightly lit declaration of your businesses “uniqueness” against a tapestry of similar lights.  Consumers may think the end picture is pretty, but still can’t see your business amongst the crowd.

In 2016, six global brands set a new standard for mobile driven customer engagement.  We were one of them.  In 2017, while the rest of the global marketing industry is rushing to duplicate last year’s success, we are changing the game again, because that’s what we do.

Is your business ready to stand out?

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Ingenuity Media was founded by a team with extensive background  in working for fortune 500 customers nationally and internationally.  Their experience made one thing perfectly clear.  Innovation is not an event, it’s a necessary constant of the modern business world.

We are driven to design and deliver the most innovative solutions on the planet by starting with the core business objectives of our customers.  Once those are completely understood, then we design solutions that engage their market place with approaches that exceed all expectations.

Anyone can say that, but we prefer to prove it.  For example, in 2016 we designed and delivered an industry leading solution in a test market for a global oil company.  Our solution was measured for success against a variety of criteria, including comparison with a much larger scale mobile promotional offering.

The estimated ROI for our program was 2.5 days.

Our program’s mobile consumer engagement exceeded the comparison program’s 6 month engagement numbers in 4.5 weeks, despite using a test market that was 66 times smaller.

That’s not bad, if you’re the average company.

For our team, that’s the new minimum bar.

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